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  • Do you offer direct billing?
    We offer direct billing to many insurance providers, including: Manulife, Sunlife, Canada Life, Blue Cross, Desjardins and others. This is organized through completing the intake form, which will prompt you for your account/policy number and then each counselling session thereafter will be automatically charged first to your insurance provider.
  • Do you offer evening/weekend sessions?
    Yes, we offer several evening and weekend hours to accommodate the busy lives of families. Counselling is here to help and if we can generally arrange our sessions outside of work/school obligations, this is in the best interests of the child/teen in your life.
  • What can I expect in my first session? - Family counselling
    The setup of the intake session will vary on the reason for accessing counselling. This can range from constant tension between family members to support required for family members to understand mental health diagnoses to high-conflict co-parenting challenges. Generally it will be setup as a parent-only session to discuss matters with adults involved in the child’s life.
  • What can I expect in my first session? - Individual child counselling
    The intake session will be primarily focused on gathering background information from the parenting team (approximately 35-40 minutes) and the remainder will be an opportunity for a “meet and greet” with the child/teen (approximately 10-15 minutes). All that is required is your presence and an open heart and mind.
  • What can I expect in my first session? - Individual adult counselling
    Our first session together will generally involve a thorough gathering of historical and present factors ranging from resiliency factors to stressors. We will start the process of identifying goals and intended outcomes during our time together.
  • Do you offer virtual/telehealth sessions?
    Yes, whether to engage in virtual or office sessions is entirely the choice of the family. I am easily able to accommodate virtual sessions for children, adults and families based on: illness, isolation, autoimmune disorders, preference, scheduling, etc. Please note that there are certain client factors (i.e. age, symptoms, temperament) that lend themselves best to in-person office sessions; however, the specifics of these will be discussed with each individual client.
  • How is COVID-19 being managed at the office?
    Please see the following detailed list describing the efforts being practiced at our office to ensure a safe and healthy environment for everyone: Read about it here
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